Top 4 Best Day Trading Platforms in 2019 (Reviewed)

If you are serious about trading, you got to invest in the best tools. Firstly, you must find a good broker. Secondly, you should get the best trading platforms. Thirdly, you need to invest in your rig, i.e. desktops, laptops or tablets. When it comes to trading platforms, no platform is perfect honestly.

There will be pros and cons to every trading program. What a platform lacks in execution speed, it makes up for it in charting system and vice versa. Here we present the list of best day trading platforms for 2019.

1. Light Speed: Fastest order execution

Pricing: Free

Light Speed is the platform for high-velocity day trading. Trades are executed at blitzing speeds. The platform is very basic, thereby ensures fast and efficient trading. There is nothing flashy about the interface.

Additionally, they ensure the data is displayed as real-time as possible. Above all, there is no lag whatsoever when it comes to your order entries.

There is no efficient charting system in place. You might want to get an additional charting system. That’s the only and huge downside of this otherwise perfect day trading platform. This platform is your ticket to cashing out from breaking news, announcements, etc…

2. Trading View: Efficient charting system

Pricing: $10 per month

People often prefer Trading View as a third party for the charts. It costs no more than $10 a month. The charting system is highly reliable as per industry standards. The highlight of this platform is the charts. You can scroll, zoom in and zoom out so smoothly. All of the scrolling happens at the comfort of your mouse.

Why other trading platforms make it so difficult to zoom in and out seems a bit mystifying. All of the tools starting from trend lines to EMAs to Bollinger bands are available handy. Ultimately, it is a great tool for someone starting out on technical analysis based trading.

3. MetaStock: Technical analysis powerhouse

Pricing: $99 per month

MetaStock is a powerhouse of a technical analysis system. The charts help immensely with back-testing and forecasting. Backed by Thomas Reuters, they offer broader market coverage.

From Forex to equities to futures and options, everything is under one roof. However, trades cannot be executed from the charts. There is no broker integration of any sort. This is exclusively your technical analysis only software. The major downside is its non-availability on mobiles. MetaStock has got every function you can imagine in a charting system.

4. Interactive Brokers: Lowest commissions and margins

Pricing: Free

The key advantage of Interactive Brokers stems from their brokerage itself. Interactive Brokers is the pioneer in online discount Forex brokers. The charges involved are so low. Besides the lowest trading costs, you enjoy direct market access too. IB has segregated its tools on its trading platform.

Firstly, they have DepthTrader for analyzing market liquidity in depth. Secondly, they have OptionTrader for in-depth analysis with specific options strategies. Thirdly, the ChartTrader allows direct trades from the charts. Hence the platform makes life easy for traders.

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