Best Dividends Stocks to Buy for Every Investor

Dividends determine the quality of the stock. It tells you how well the company is performing. Besides trading value, dividends are what you are in for. It translates to Return on Investment (ROI) on stocks you invested in. Let’s look at the 5 best dividend stocks across NYSE and NASDAQ.

Procter & Gamble (PG)

Procter & Gamble is a company from the 19th century. They are still huge even to this date. From napkins to toilet papers to paper towel, they are everywhere. You can’t miss their products on your visit to Wallmart or Target stores. They paid over a dividend of 3% last year. They have lot of capital at disposal. Thus, in case of losses, they don’t have to cut on dividends. They are over $8 billion in cash and cash equivalent. Additionally, they are over $2 billion in short term investments. Above all, their strong balance sheet looks promising for the long run.

Nordic American Tankers Ltd (NAT)

The company is comparatively a new entrant. It’s founded only by 1995. It has some powerful subsidiaries like Orion Tankers Ltd, Orion Tanker Pool Ltd and Scandic American Shipping Ltd. For the oil businesses to prosper, they need storage. Companies prefer putting their oil in tankers. That’s where the sustainable business model of NAT comes to the scene. They paid a crazy 12% dividend yield in 2017. The only downside was their EPS wasn’t even twice the dividends paid. Regardless, they did it and it’s a huge dividend on any scale. Last year, they paid dividends of close to 5%.

AT&T (T)

You are probably using their service on your phone right now. That’s how popular the company is, in the U.S.  They paid 6.3% in dividends last year. In 2017, the dividend was 47% of their Earnings per Share (EPS). The shift towards extending their dividends might be to attract new investors. They never go lower than $5 billion in cash or cash equivalent. There are no short term investments made recently. It’s a good portfolio builder. These are the kind of stocks which hardly fail, even in times of crisis.

Los Vegas Sands (LVS)

It’s a growing company in the hospitality sector. They are taking the U.S market like a storm.  They paid over 5% in dividends last year. For a fact, they paid more than their EPS itself. They have capital in a range of $2-4 billion in cash. There are no short term investments. They are basically a gambling and resort company. This is a killer combination, especially in American soil.

Apple (AAPL)

The almighty Apple paid close to 2% in dividends in 2017. Their EPS was four times the dividends paid. That is smart and assertive from a long-standing company. They are basically into phones, tablets, fitness wear, and other electronics. The craze for iPhone never dies. In addition to Apple-crazed Americans, Indians and Chinese are subscribing to the list too. The big A is something you can’t afford to overlook in the stocks game.

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